Friday, February 4, 2011


Its been a wee bit chilly here in Austin, Texas. We had a smattering of snow all over Central Texas, so naturally, everything has come to a standstill. I stayed in today, not in my car or on my bike, preferring to keep both in one piece. Texans are not good drivers in the snow.

Before it snowed last night though it was just chilly, and I needed to make a grocery run. I'm sad to say my iron ovaries left me and I drove the less than three miles. I want to say it was in the twenties or so, but I do think if I had dressed appropriately I would have made it there. I was afraid I would be the only crazy one on the bike!

I'm happy to report I was totally wrong. I saw several bikes on the rack, and I think even one Dad was there with his kid. I don't remember if he had a cute little bikeseat, but he got him home somehow. I tried to take some pictures, but they were through my car window while driving, so they are rubbish. On the drive home I saw several people on bikes too, maybe a little cooler than they would like, but getting on with their trip.

I can't wait till tomorrow when all the ice and snow is gone so I can hop on my bike. It's still going to be cold, so maybe I can get a little of my streetcred back. That and I have an adorable red coat I wear maybe three times a year that needs a little exposure.

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