Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another Beautiful Day

The weather has definitely taken a turn towards spring. It was very nice out yesterday, so of course I couldn't stay home. I love riding through the area around my place because of the interesting homes. I don't think you can tell too well in the picture below, but they painted their door an eggplant color.

A very unique octagonal tower on this home. And again with the purple!

I actually forgot where this is...I guess Zilker Park.

Bike parking in front of Barton Springs. It looks like the city is building a boardwalk of some sort, which will make these racks a little difficult to use.

Relaxing in the park
 A couple with a couple of bikes. Kind of made me barf to see them so cutesy with their bikes, but forgive me, I'm single and Valentine's Day is tomorrow.

Bikes with no owners. I suppose this is good though that people feel comfortable enough to leave their bikes alone here in ATX. Or they are stupid. I'm not sure which one, I always lock up my bike.

Captain Morgan pose.

I met up with a friend, and so I forgot to take any more pictures. There were definitely a lot more people out on their bikes.

An odd thing did happen to me on my way there though. I was waiting on the red light at Lamar & Barton Springs, and a car pulled up right next to me, as though he was trying to edge me out of the queue. I was obviously going straight. He gave me this look and freaked me out. I just scooted around the car in front of me to get away from him, which I do not like to do. I wait my turn in line, but in this case I was afraid. It's crazy that even when you know you aren't doing anything wrong, you still get treated like you are a criminal.

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