Sunday, February 20, 2011

East Austin Bike Ride

I've had a pretty awful weekend, and so I definitely needed a bike ride to clear my head. Sometimes, you don't need to be going anywhere in particular.

I headed up to UT and then over 35 to the east side of austin. I must say I wasn't brave enough to ride with traffic across the bridge on MLK, but I saw other do it so maybe I'll try in the future. There is a sign that says to share the road, probably because a lot of UT students use that road to get to school.

Anyway, I loved the ride in east austin. Same vibe as my neighborhood, lots of cute houses, and of course, condos and modern looking homes. I finally saw one of the commuter rail stations, eerily empty. The bike lanes were great on that part of town, and I felt safer riding around there. Cars were more than happy to move over on two lane roads to pass me instead of squeezing past. Perhaps because more people ride in that part of town, I don't know. I think out of all the sections of Austin, east Austin is the most bike friendly. I would say even more than the UT area, because you don't get a laidback vibe there. I've ridden there too, and its more of a rush to get around and there is just more traffic to deal with.

I must say, it was about seventy degrees outside and my back was soaked when I got home. Course, I was riding for almost three hours, so I guess its expected. I'm telling you, if I juse figured out what to do with my back I wouldn't have a sweat problem.

I keep forgetting my camera. That makes me sad because I definitely want to post more pictures on here of the nice people getting around on their bike. So, I'll have to paint a picture with words. I wished I had my camera for:

1. The guy in front of my apartment who was wearing a Santa hat. I don't know why, it was after Christmas.

2. The posh looking lady on Lamar. She was wearing a grey peacoat and jeans with black boots. Looked so stylish. Upright bicycle too.

3. One of the old men who like to bike around in nothing but a banana hammock in July. I will get one, eventually. It just has to be seen to believe. Keeping Austin Weird and wishing for blindness.

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