Saturday, February 5, 2011

Austin Cycle Chic

I really like Mikael's work from Copenhagenize and Copenhagencyclechic, which this little post is modeled after. While there are several nice sites here in Austin, his really struck a chord with me and helped me figure out how to approach cycling. Basically, just get on my bike and go, in my regular clothes. Maybe more in the future.
So, in that spirit, I went out to the Ped bridge and LAB to get some pictures of people on bikes. While wearing knee high boots with a heel.

 The Lance Armstrong Bikeway, politely telling cars to stay off. There is also a sign for pedestrians, but its ignored for the time being. I don't really care, they don't get in the way. The way I see it, if bikes become more popular and the bikeway gets more use, it'll be uncomfortable for pedestrians eventually.

                                                           One cyclist. A lot of cars.

                                           Taking a break and enjoying the views of the lake.

                              I would have gotten two bicycles but this nice man got in the way.

   I would say a pretty typical sight here in Austin. Looks like your average UT student
 I'm new at taking these pictures, so bear with me. I wanted to get a Lance wannabe getting his exercise too.

                               Going somewhere, headphones in, enjoying the sunshine.

   A little blurry, I'll get better at this. I just noticed most of my pictures are men. Oops?

 A near crash on the Pedbridge. Both screeched to a halt, exchanged words. Nothing rude though. Really I don't know who would have been at fault. With runners, walkers, dogs, children, and all, you really need to take it slow.
                                                       Pausing and admiring the lake.

                                   Of course, you see a lot of guys in full on gear.

                  Some of the stuff you can't see in your car. Spotted on 7th street.

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