Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wipeout- Or the Worst Grocery Run Ever

So I had a few errands to run today around the 'hood.  Get my transcript for dream job-check. Go get groceries-check. Have bike fall over with my groceries in it- Check.

I was yielding to a car so it could pass me (a car was coming the other way and a truck was parked, so 4 vehicles trying to fit in a space meant for two) and that is when my nice little crate decided to give out on one side.  The weight of the groceries caused my bike to tip over, thankfully I suffered no scrapes.  Unfortunately I put on quite a show for the Austin Solid Waste Servicemen whose truck was the whole reason I had to slow down in the first place.  I do not handle that kind of adversity well, and a few choice words came out of my mouth for the universe.  (I kinda felt like the lady who walked into a fountain while texting, "Nobody came to help me! Sob Sob Sob.)

Anyway, thankfully I always carry extra zip ties and so I reattached my crate, transferred some stuff to my handlebars and hopped back on. I lost a pear and 5 eggs, but it could've been worse.

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