Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Time Myth

I haven't had too many comments from people about my getting around by bike, which hopefully speaks to it becoming more acceptable around here.  My friend did make an interesting comment the other day that I think speaks to a common misconception using your bike for transportation.

Now, I usually take my bike to H-E-B. (Grocery store) I hate grocery shopping, love biking so it evens out. I mentioned this to my friend, and her comment was, "Well isn't that kind of a long bike ride?"

It's really not.  According to Google Maps, with the route that I take, it should take 14 minutes to get to H-E-B. Taking the same route, it would be 8 minutes by car.  6 minute difference.  My preferred route to H-E-B by car should take 9 minutes.

My point is, there isn't that big of a difference in trips that are that short.  Throw in the various variables like stop lights, heavy traffic and such it probably comes out pretty even. The total miles biked are 2.5 miles one way.  That sounds like a lot to go by bike, but it isn't.  Other places that are that close to my place are Target, my eye doctor, SoLa, Soco, and Sofi business districts that include a whole shitload of fun places to go.

Of course the further you go, the more the difference is.  It takes 24 minutes to get to downtown ATX by bike from my place, and I mean the part that actually has bars.  By car it takes 10 minutes, so by bike its a little over twice as long.  Downtown is one of those places though that I think it is much more desirable to be there on a bike though because of the parking situation.  Same goes for West Campus.

So that is something to point out I think if we want to get more people on bikes. "It doesn't take that much longer!" isn't a very catchy slogan but it could work.

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