Monday, January 10, 2011


It's a little cold outside today, and misty on top of that.  I almost let it deter me from going out on my bike, but after hearing the Pennsylvania governor talk about the wussification of America, I decided to take out my iron ovaries and hit the road.  Plus, I was only going to the doctor's on Hwy 71, which is maybe a 15 minute ride from my apartment.

I bundled up in gloves and a hat, and that kept me pretty warm.  I hit up banister to 2nd to 1st, then across the hwy and decided to take the sidewalk to the office building.  The other day there was another cyclist on the actual access road, so I rode behind him figuring safety in numbers, but I had no such companion today. I know some people frown on riding on the sidewalk, but I feel on those access roads its sometimes a better bet.  I'm always conscious of turning vehicles on my left and cars waiting to get on the access road.

I must say that it was a little tempting to get closer to the cars and get warm off the exhaust. But I find that its a bad idea because having driven a standard car myself, I know there is a tendency for standard cars to quickly go back before being able to go forward.  It happened to me today, and I was glad I was off to the side. A part of me got scared for a second, having heard the numerous stories about cyclist harassment here in Austin.  Thankfully, nothing happened.

Overall a pleasant ride.  I saw two others on their bikes today, and I'm glad I wasn't the only one bold enough to go out in cold, misty weather.

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