Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Austin Texas Bike Map

Having gone a few exploratory rides I think I have found some of the easiest ways to get to my favorite destinations.  However, I was curious to see where all of the bike lanes in my area actually go so I downloaded the bike map from the city.

I was surprised to see that their suggested route to get to South Lamar from Banister was to go through Del Curto road.  Now, I realize it is very likely that I am the only one who wants to get to south lamar from my location on a bike.  But this is perhaps the stupidest way to get to s.lamar as far as danger and hills.  Not only does Del Curto not have a shoulder, but it contains a sharp curve with bushes that obscures traffic ahead and a hill that must be a bitch to go back up.

It makes me wonder if anyone actually came and evaluated these roads or if it was just someone behind a desk saying, "Oh, well S.lamar has a lot of traffic so I will color code it red." (Bike routes are color coded as far as traffic and other dangers are concerned.)  Hopefully this is the only case of misguided advice on the map, because I want to expand my bike travels to other parts of the city that I am not very familiar with eventually.

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