Monday, January 24, 2011

Biking in Heels

I tried biking in heels the other day after seeing pictures of women doing it all over the web. I know the old saying about a bridge and if everyone else did it, but I figured this would actually be useful to get used to.  Well I say tried, I actually did it and very well I would say.  I wore some tan boots with about a three inch heel.

So nothing life changing to report. It's just like riding in flat shoes because you usually use the balls of your feet to pedal, not your heels.  It's one of those things that sounds dangerous but once you get on you realize there really is not a big difference. It seems like a silly thing, but being confident biking in all sorts of clothing choices is important I think for this to become a real way for me to get around. I thought about carrying flip-flops with me, but that takes up precious cargo space.  (Really, if I carried everything that people thought was essential, not only would I need a crate, but a backpack and front basket too.)

Now I did take a relatively easy route through 5th to Dawson to the Ped Bridge, then the LAB, so I didn't have a lot of stops and such.  I did scare a runner on the roundabout (what do you call the circular thing that connects the street level to the bridge?)  I was going round and round the circular path and didn't see him; he practically jumped onto the concrete ledge.  I didn't mean to scare him, but I don't think I was going so fast that I couldn't stop.  Anyway, perhaps the city should put some more lights along that bridge and enhance visibility of pedestrians.  I bring my own lights because I have to, but the other day there was a whole exercise class out there blocking the entire width of the bridge (a substantial length-this isn't a bikepath).  They were gray blobs until I was right next to them because my light isn't designed to illuminate that much space. I guess the city figures that most people will use that during the day, but I know I'm not the only one out there at night/twilight.


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