Saturday, March 12, 2011

Let's Go to the Mall! Todaaay

So far in my bike adventures, I've been able to get to the movies, downtown, west campus, the grocery store,   Target, basically everywhere I need to go about my daily business. The one place I have not been to is the mall. Today I decided to try and get to the mall with my bike, though I didn't hold high hopes that it would be easy. At the corner of two highways, the only way I could think of was a back way through a neighborhood.

I didn't make it. The picture below shows Mopac south. Obviously, I'm not the only one that feels the need to make their way along the grassy area, you can see the faint line in the grass. An intrepid soul on a bike several thousand dollars more than mine had just gone by, but I cannot go that fast yet. (I'm optimistic my abilities will vastly improve.) By that time I had spent at least an hour looking for the back way. I didn't Google Map it before because to me that is half the adventure, but I knew I didn't have the gas to make it to the mall. 

I guess I'll have to drive to the mall. Or (gasp) shop local.

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