Sunday, March 6, 2011

Austin Kite Festival

It's that special time of year again when Austinite fly their kites and in some cases their crazy flags and go to Zilker park for an afternoon of fun. The kite festival has really grown, or maybe that first year I went it was just too cold for most, but in any case it was packed. The smart people took their bikes to the festivities, and I did not envy those in their cars. Traffic was backed up all the way to Lamar, and I'm sure it was just as bad on the other side of the park near Mopac.
The turnout was really stupendous, and even more so the number of bikes. Too bad this isn't the scene every weekend, but perhaps it will encourage people to bike places more often. In any case, it shows that Austinites are catching on to the whole, "Hey if I take my bike I won't have to wait in traffic!" 

There were lots of beautiful bikes there. I saw the prettiest yellow and cream cruiser that belonged to this lady, I was very jealous. I also saw an Electra Hawaiian style bikeseat that I might get once I get a real job. This first picture also makes me realize I need to make friends that also ride bikes. It can get lonely in the bike lane.

Two friends on their way to the action

3 kinds of cyclists- Cycle Mama, Road Racer, and oh I don't know...Joe Schmo?

I could not believe it. I had never seen so many bikes at once in Austin.

Recumbent Action.

Pale legs get some sun.

Dapper chap, he had on some trousers and a hat.

Again, something I had never seen in Austin. Where are all these people? They should bring these out more often.

This lady in white kind of walked into the shot, but you can still see the other's helmet and hi-viz vest. I'm sorry but not only was traffic cut off at that point, she's on grass. Let the hair flow free once in a while and take off the helmet. APD only closes down traffic to Zilker on special occasions, take advantage!

You can't really tell, but beyond that mass of people traffic was terrible. There is a bike lane on Barton Springs leading into the park, so bikes were the better option for time in this case. 

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