Saturday, October 15, 2011


So I came across this article on TheStir....kind of a meeting place for women with families. One post was about a kid who survived having his head run over because he wore a helmet

I had a hard time believing this was a true story. The physics just didn't add up to me. Even a Fiat I think would squish your head.

The situation is a toddler in the front seat put the car in neutral, thereby having the car roll slowly back over this kids head. The website says it is "believed" the car ran over his head, so to me that says no one knows what really happened.

So does this change my feeling on helmets? For those who are die hard proponents of the things, it may seem a silly question. But I think people should be especially cautious about using freak accidents like these as proof for their side. One, the witnesses aren't even sure what really happened. Second, the details of the case are scant. What kind of car? How fast?

To me, having good traffic skills and knowledge of the most likely ways to get into accidents with cars is a better defense than plastic.  Better infrastructure and a culture where drivers are treated harshly for hurting fellow human beings is needed.

Thankfully, I did see one poster point out the real utility of helmets, and many others pointing out that a toddler unattended in a vehicle shouldn't even happen. A little hope for me.

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