Monday, October 24, 2011

Bikes and Guys

After a brief hiatus, I've gotten back into the dating world, and dipping my toe back into OKC. Of course I put on there that my bike is one of the things I couldn't do without, and that is a nice conversation opener. I find you can tell a lot from a person by how he uses his bike. Is it for transportation or exercise? Does he know what a chain guard is? Is there going to be a helmet debate on the first date? Does he tool around on the East side of Austin, and if so, should grow my own ironic mustache for the first date? Any guy that puts his bike as one of his favorite things is instantly good in my book, and at least worth a careful reading of his profile.

If I find a guy owns a bike, but doesn't really use it, I see a potential convert :) If he thinks riding a bike is dumb, well then obviously we are not a match. I remember over on Streetsblog on one of their Why I Ride pieces, they interviewed a woman who said she probably wouldn't date a guy who didn't bike. She was put down in the comments, but I kind of agree. It's nicer when you have a partner, so why not choose someone who like biking too? Biking is a tailor made as a social activity.

Related to that, I think everyone has a random list of things that turn them off about people. I for instance, won't date anyone who owns a yellow car. I don't like them. What are you gonna do?


  1. hey, i found your blog through cycle chic- specifically the post with the texas cowboy boots! i am a native austinite and just bought my first bike recently. :)
    i look forward to reading your posts about all things bike/austin!


  2. Yay! I love the freedom riding a bike gives and although I no longer can commute to work, I still have my camera with me practically everywhere I go!