Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hot Weather What What??

It is regularly hitting 95 degrees here, so I think it is safe to say cold weather is out for a little while. One of the arguments against bicycles you hear a lot down here is that no one will ride them when its hot, implying that the majority of the year, bike lanes and other infrastructure will go unused, and therefore is a waste of money. This post is devoted to debunking that myth.

Anyone have any idea what he is riding? I saw them and they instantly reminded me of those exercise machines popular in the nineties.

I was pumping gas across the street so couldn't move, but you can still see the fearless cyclist in front of the liquor store.

From about two days ago. It was hoooootttttt.

Taking pictures without being a creeper it when their back is turned.

Two different embodiments of a cyclist. She was wearing the special gear, he...well the guy uniform of a polo and jeans. Boring clothing choices like that make me glad to be a girl. Moving on.

Taken from my car. Don't worry I was completely stopped. I don't like to count cyclists all kitted out, because I feel they would be out no matter what. However, it was close to downtown around five, so perhaps he rides home from work.

H-E-B parking lot over at Riverside. FULL.

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