Sunday, May 15, 2011

Drunk People Are the Best

Drunk people are like children in many ways. Their child like wonder makes them ask painfully obvious questions, or in the case of last night, awesomely stupid ones. I rode to 6th street to go out with some friends. Its a 30 minute or so from my apartment.  I wore a sparkly dress and heels, basically ready to kill. As I was texting my friends a drunk woman came by and asked "Why (How?) are you on a bike and looking so beautiful." Her friends, rightly embarrassed at her, shuffled her away. But I chuckled to myself. I don't know if she meant, "Why are you riding a bike when you're so hot you should be able to get someone to drive you." or if she was genuinely curious as to how I got from one place to the other without being a sweaty mess. It's not that hard. The weather was in the sixties, no humidity, and my hair was up, so no problems with it. I took my time and rested on the downhill parts when I could. Really, if you're willing to go into a bathroom in a bar on 6th,(scary, dirty places where grease and grime reside) being a little messy from a ride should be no problem.  should point out people don't usually just walk up to me and say I'm beautiful. Last night I must have just really brought it. A homeless lady complimented me too, so I gave her two dollars. I'm like alright, you said I was pretty you can eat tonight.

The best thing is that I literally parked right next to the bar my friends were at. No circling for a spot. No ten dollar charge to park in a garage. My feet were killing me at the end of the night but my bike was right there. On my way home, I passed maybe 4 cars. Going home at that time of night, drunk drivers are unfortunately a concern. Thankfully, the alleyways and bikeways I use are pretty secluded too.

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