Monday, June 13, 2011

My Exercise Routine Involves Stopping at Nordstrom Rack

So I haven't been on my bike in the past couple of days, hence the lack of anything new here. But today I finally had a day off and decided to hop on my bike and see if I could ride to work/slash get some exercise.

It wasn't too bad, it only took forty five minutes and so if I did ride I would have to leave about 20 minutes earlier than usual. I was huffing and puffing on my way back, so I don't know how feasible it would be to do when I've on my feet for hours, but my fatigue may have had more to do with the fact I was hungry and it was a 100 degrees outside.

Which brings me to the main point of this post. Riding in summery weather is quite pleasant. I left my house around ten, and there was a nice breeze going that made riding relatively cool. It had to have been 85 to 90 by then, but I didn't feel it, except when I had to stop at lights. I arrived at my destination somewhat fresh, at least enough to where the salesladies at the Rack didn't turn up their nose at me.

Again, a lot of people assume no one is going to ride a bike in typical Texas summer weather, but I think I've seen more bikes now than when it was cold. I guess because a lot of people are used to the heat, it doesn't bother them as much than when it is freezing. I remember during the winter there were definitely less bikes on the road. Plus, now that school is out I am seeing some kids riding their bikes around, its very nice.

The return journey was not as pleasant, mostly because I was hungry and forgot to bring along water. Thankfully, its a busy road so there were plenty of places to stop, but I kicked myself for that one. It isn't like I don't own three water bottles. Heatstroke in Texas is a big concern!

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  1. After reading all of your posts, I gotta say that you weren't kidding about SERIOUSLY raising awareness about biking as primary mode of transportation experience... to and from everywhere.

    I decided on this particular post to leave my first comment because of the "work/slash" =P.

    Maybe one day I'll get a cruiser / commuter / fixie to really slow down, enjoy, and take in the scenery around me as you have so meticulously cataloged here in your blog.

    I suppose I could always switch a lower gear and reduce the cadence on my TT/roadie to really slow down as well.

    Or maybe I'll just rig up a fixie tri bike like what William 'Cory' Joulk did. This guy is seriously my hero: