Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mr. Money Mustache

I've become a fan of Mister Money Mustache over the past week. I'm not sure where I came across him on the internets...but I immediately took to his message. I have been frugal my whole life, but after reading his blog I've become motivated to clean up my own financial life and make smarter moves with my money.

Among his recommendations is riding a bike. He is pretty adamant about this being an integral part of being a Mustachian, and after seeing his numbers it is astonishing how much money you can throw away just getting to work! My car is paid off, my bus pass is free (student) so I theoretically could not spend a money on transportation. After my carless week, I've decided this is a place I could really trim some of my spending, and stick to my $40 dollars a month budget, and hopefully, go below.

What I like about his article is how it goes beneath some of the old tropes about biking and gets to the core of why I continue to get on my bicycle. The joy in riding, that feeling of strength as you climb a hill, the exhilaration as you fly down it, and the great feeling of getting home energized, not drained, by your evening commute. It's smelling the flowers of spring, the crispness in the fall, and hopefully a nice wind on a hot day.
Cycling has numerous benefits, and I really have to hand to Mr. Money Mustache for so succinctly describing them.

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