Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Carless, Not By Choice

Booger, my loyal steed, got a leak in his vacuum pump and unfortunately has been away waiting to get a new one. This has put me in a situation I've mimicked, but never actually been in- I am carless. Surprisingly, it hasn't been a bad experience, and got me imagining a car free lifestyle, in a future where I want to put a major dent in my student loans. For others, the prospect of having a car in the shop means getting a costly rental, at best the shop will lend you one. I went to the Pink Flamingo, and alas, they didn't offer me a car and I'm assuming that means they don't have any. Having already a groove down to get to work, that took a lot of pressure off me, and a good knowledge of Capmetro meant I could ignore their wild suggestions and plan my own simple commute from work to school. (That is a rant for a sick day- what is up with Capmetro taking you on the most convoluted way to your destination?)

I consider myself lucky to live somewhere that allows me to quickly get around in different ways. I'm sure some people look down at me as I sweat outside, but I live knowing I can meet life's challenges creatively and independently.

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