Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Riding the Bus

I've taken to riding the bus to work with my bicycle. With me spending around $100 on gas a month it made sense. It was a little difficult at first since you have to lift your bike onto the mechanism that holds it in place on the front of the bus. (Let's just say I don't spend my free time lifting weights) However, once I got it down it was pretty nice, and I get to work relatively sweat free.

Using a bicycle in conjunction with the bus gives you more options. Technically for me to get to work on foot alone I would have to make two transfers, with a bicycle, I can simply cycle over to the direct bus line. As soon as I finish pimping out my bike with a rack where I can stash my purse, it'll be a very nice commute.

I have to commend CapMetro, I really can't think of any way to make it easier to take your bicycle, other than doing the heavy lifting for me.  Buses are only equipped with two spots, so if it is already full, your out of luck, as I was yesterday. Several bus lines go by my work though, so even if I couldn't pedal home and take my car, I would still be able to get to work in a timely manner. However, I rarely see one, much less two on the buses around town. A problem for the future, and a good one to have. 

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