Sunday, May 20, 2012

Austin Ciclovia

Austin held had its first ever Ciclovia as part of Bike Month. City officials shut down E. 6th street, and let the locals loose to do as they pleased. (Family-friendly things-that part was heavily emphasized in the paper.)

I went down and checked it out, arriving on the tail end of it around 2. I'm hoping that is why there weren't too many people, although those that were left certainly made up for their lack of numbers with personality. Here are some pictures.

Something you hardly ever see in Austin- little kids riding their bicycles on the street.

Aww training wheels. Remember those?

I sincerely apologize for this unflattering shot. But, you hardly ever see women riding those kinds of bikes, so I'm including it.

This is as crowded as it got while I was there.

Riding it backwards---Oh yeah I'm cool.

Along with the fun of riding your bike in the street safe from 2 tons of metal, there was also food, music, and a farmer's market. (Those seem to be almost standard festival fare now, like Ferris wheels and funnel cakes.) An Asian beauty contest was going on too it seemed-- I got there in the middle when they were posing in front of the bluegrass band. 

I hope the Ciclovia was a big success and Austin will continue to hold these kinds of events around town. Looking at pictures of other ciclovias held around the world, our crowds paled in comparison. I enjoyed it though, because it takes you back to when you were a kid and you just road your bicycle for the hell of it, up and down the street. By the way, anyone else think Ciclovia was the name of some prescription drug at first?

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