Monday, July 25, 2011


I have taken a small break from posting on here, mostly because I simply haven't been on my bike. I took a new job up in North Austin, requiring me to turn into that most pitiable creature known as a commuter. However, I am excited about my new job, half because I like it, and half because I am no longer making poverty wages, and will get something known as health insurance.

But back to bikes. I miss it. A lot. I still kept one of my jobs to work on the weekend, and decided I should ride to work. Part of my justification for this job is that it will pay the gas to get to my other one, at least until I get my first paycheck. I arrived in such a good mood. It was hot outside, but previous experience told me that if I brought along an extra shirt, I would have no problem with looking sweaty.

I arrived in such a good mood. I honestly think it was the reason I made four sales in a row. The ride to work was pleasant, and even though Texas is caught in a heatwave right now, the wind made it bearable.

Luckily, my new place of work has a bike lane RIGHT IN FRONT OF IT. So, first chance I get, I'm going to move closer to work. This driving a car nonsense, I am not cut out for.

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