Friday, August 23, 2013

I'm Being Lazy

For this the first time in forever, I'm posting. Not because I've stopped riding, but for the first time in months I am able to come home...and do nothing. I'm enjoying the new digs, although I am still embarrassed at telling people I live with my friends parents in their front room. It's kind of odd to live with older people who aren't your parents, but its in bike friendly Mueller area, I can ride to work sans bus, and I pay $400, so I figure I'll take the embarrassment and pocket the savings.

I found this list on Buzzfeed (what I've spent many a lazy evening doing instead of posting on here) and I found it hilarious. It doesn't really cover the specific joy of commuting by car everyday, so I thought I'd give my perspective on that daily slog.

I used to commute from downtown Austin to Round Rock right off of Louis Grimes. It was for a sucky summer internship that didn't pay, and I kind of regret it now. (I know your supposed to say how your internship changed you, but my biggest memory is of stuffing folders soo...) I would come home with a huge knot in my shoulder. Nothing made it better, it was pure stress that melted away once I was back at St.Ed's and able to walk to everywhere again. I don't deal well with traffic related stress because you are so powerless to do anything about it. You can sit impotently in your car and wait. And wait. And wait. Going through that kind of daily pain made me swear I would never live that far from work, and I've made to my late twenties mostly holding true to that promise. (There was that desperate few months I commuted from Slaughter to 183 but thankfully they fired me.) Car commuting is the norm in Austin, but I honestly don't know how people do it. Some coworkers were discussing the crushing traffic and how you don't get used to it but just learn how to deal. I never want to learn! I will take pedaling in 100 degree heat any day. I knew the commuting by car for an hour was ridiculous when-

1. I didn't pull over to pee because I  was afraid it would tack on another 20 minutes to my commute.

2. I went to the gas station more than the grocery store.

3. Letting someone into my lane was anathema.

4. I listened to NPR regularly (not a bad thing!...but you know, show me a biker who is listening to that on their daily ride)

5. I got home so tired I didn't want to do anything

6. By the time I got home and made was time for bed to do it all over again.

7. I was more tired and cranky at work.

8. I didn't have a good tan.

9. I started to look down at people who rode bikes and the bus.

10. When I calculated my yearly cost for commuting.

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