Monday, April 29, 2013

I'm Baaacckk!!

So I had to take a little hiatus as I started school again, started my first real job, and moved. I'm back in the 78704 and loving it, biking to work and school (most days, what is with all this rain, Austin?) and planning a new future in healthcare. I think its a fitting time to start again, with Bike Month here in Austin. With Austin gearing up for a series of bike related events, I'm hoping to hit a few, especially the bike to work happy hour and free breakfast, and the Cyclovia. I'm also hoping to analyze  the efforts the City of Austin is putting into encouraging more cyclists, especially from a class point of view. Being outside of the norm for cyclists in America (I am not white, male, or middle class) I guess I am more sensitive to certain assumptions people make, and obvious lack of resources in certain areas (I have yet to see anything COA bike related in Spanish). Hopefully I'll be able to expand the discourse here in Austin and cover some fun events. I also joined the 21st century and got an Iphone, and as soon as I figure out how to take pictures and put them on here, they'll be waaay more posts.

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