Monday, March 5, 2012

Kite Festival 2012

Here are some pictures from Austin's 2012 Kite Festival, with an emphasis on the two wheeled transport people used to get there. With Barton Springs Rd. closed down for the festivities, only a few insane people tried to drive directly to the park.

It was a perfect day for flying a kite-warm and breezy.

I'll forgive her for wearing pigtails since she rode a bike.

Crepes vendor- didn't try one at $6 a pop but smelled delicious

Awesome cat sighting

Nice cruiser

Several people lounged next to their bicycles

The turnout was impressive-this was around 4:30 when the festival was winding down

Random shark balloon....

Never sighted before- a family riding together

Close-up of the Dad

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