Saturday, August 27, 2011

Friends and Bikes

I'm not an evangelist. Ok, I'm a very passive one. I put up this blog. I hope to show that getting around on a bike can be fun, enjoyable, and not a fight for your life. You won't see me handing out pamphlets in the street anytime soon.

I guess just going about my daily life has rubbed off on some people. My friend recently bought a bike, and is ready to go on rides once its cooler. (My SO and I agree she should go riding with me the first couple of times. Tales of falling off her mother's road bike have me convinced.) I want to show her how to get around safely, and have pointed her to several websites to help. In discussing her new purchase, she really wants it to ride around on for fun. It reminds her of riding around the neighborhood as a kid.

My other friend, the recipient of the Shiner Bock bike, has started getting into the bike thing. I won't take too much credit here. Her SO didn't own  a car and his bike was his primary mode of transportation. He more than anything got her into it. Discussing her new bike she said, "I rode to work the other day and it was so much fun. I'm obsessed." (This a drunken recollection, so, I'm pretty sure that's what she said.)

Getting a new bike is fun, just like getting a new car. Except when your car gets its first boo-boo, you cry. For a bike, you WANT it to look a little beat up. The wind in your hair (or the breeze around the edge of your helmet) is a great feeling. The feeling of pride you get when you ride further and further.....Ok, evangelizing over.

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