Monday, April 4, 2011

Bad News

I figured out a way to get to DSW, my favorite shoe store, on my bike. That is bad news for my pocketbook. It's out in Sunset Valley in a huge shopping development, so I didn't hold high hopes for being able to get there that easily. Surprisingly, there is a bike trail that goes through the middle of the shopping center. It unfortunately ends at the access road of 290 suddenly, and going back towards the center it passes it and weaves through the edge of a neighborhood. Frustratingly, it shares the characteristic of many other bike lanes in Austin in that it ends suddenly, leaving you to try and merge on the actual road.

Anyway, I managed to get there with a minimum of sweat. The next day, I rode to Target and got there without the sweat stains on my back, or the stains on my butt. I hate those. All I did was concentrate on not putting out too much effort. I had a hard time believing all those people on the internets who said slowing down is all it takes, but I was proven wrong. Now, in 105 degree heat, there may be nothing you can do....

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